Catalogue of the works of Maurice Denis




L'arrivée à New-York, 1927
crayon et aquarelle sur papier
carnet de croquis ct. 86, 10,5 x 17,8 cm
collection particulière


The compilation of an annotated catalogue of the works of Maurice Denis, begun by his son Dominique Denis, is being continued by Claire Denis, the artistís granddaughter, with the help of Fabienne Stahl, an art historian assisted by a research team.

Our aim is to make a systematic record of all Maurice Denisí works, including paintings, decorative works, stained glass, drawings, illustrations, writings, etc.
We issue certificates of authenticity and offer entries in the annotated catalogue free of charge and independently of museums and of the art market, while the names of collectors shall remain strictly confidential. We are not involved in valuing works or in sales transactions, but only in authenticating and dating works.

We would be grateful for the following information concerning a work :
- technical details (medium and support)
- dimensions
- description of inscriptions and labels on the front and back of the work and anything you may know about
- the history of the work (provenance, date of accession in the collection, etc.)
- written references to the work
- exhibitions at which the work has been shown.

Two photographic prints (minimum A5 size) are required, as well as a professional quality photograph (Ektachrome or high definition (3000 x 4000 pixels) digital image in non-compressed Tiff format sent on a CD or by ftp account).

A direct examination of the work may prove necessary.

We would like to thank all those who are helping us in our work in this way, including museums, researchers, collectors, dealers, etc. for a better understanding of Maurice Denisí work.

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